Most times, when we want to end a relationship, execution is always wanting. Inadvertently, we end up hurting the other person and this might breed hate.


Here are five ways to end a relationship without burning bridges.

Create distance and reduce communication

No one wakes up one morning and decides to call it quits in a relationship. You must have been ruminating over it for some time, so it is advisable to create distance early on and also cut back communication, so the other person involved can start getting the signal that your head is no longer in the game. This will, to a great extent, soften the eventual blow when it arrives.

Don’t involve a third party

When you are eventually ready to do it, remember that the relationship is between the two of you, and not anyone else. You are the only one who knows your partner intimately, so it is best for you to tell him or her the way you see things and why you think the relationship should end, instead of getting ideas or help from outsiders.


Watch your choice of words

Be careful what you say when you are breaking up with someone you used to love. Do not use phrases like “It’s not me, it’s you”. Don’t be insensitive with your approach. Remember that another person’s feeling is involved.

Choose the right timing

You should also consider the timing when breaking up with someone you used to love, provided it is not an abusive relationship.

Let him/her down gently. Try and lead up to it and don’t drop it on them like a bomb. That means not just calling it off on the phone or the street corner. Just like you’d have taken trouble over a date, choose a nice, quiet place and make it as painless as you possibly can.


You also have to make sure he or she is not going through anything at that point in time. You should endeavour to be conscious of their current frame of mind.

Be honest

Try your best to be completely honest about everything. There is really no point hiding anything at this point. It also helps your partner if you tell him or her the truth especially if it has to do with a bad habit they have so they can work on themselves. Whatever is the reason you’re choosing to break up, try and explain it as delicately as possible.

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