The first date was awesome. You both enjoyed each other’s company and hence, scheduled a second date. Amazing stuff! Awesome! But that’s not all.


We fret so much over first dates that we kind of overlook the second date which is equally important.

Think about it, during a second date you do not really know much about this other person and you both are still in the getting-to-know-each-other stage. And that is a big deal in the dating world.

This means that although you’ve had a good or great first date, your second date isn’t automatically guaranteed to be great as well.


So yeah, you definitely want to take your second date seriously.

And how can you do this? Tag along on this article to find out:

  • Greet Your Date Warmly

You’ve both gone through a first date successfully and that should mean something — at least for the both of you. So be warm when receiving your date this time around.


You may want to shake hands or exchange a brief hug, whatever is acceptable to both of you. Smile when receiving your date and be kind in how you speak to them.

  • Get Personal

Warm your way into your date’s heart by getting more personal but don’t over flog it. Getting personal with your date doesn’t have a standard definition but go with what your date is comfortable with.

For instance, if the discussion on a first date dwelt mainly on basic information, you may want to dig further by asking more personal questions. For instance; you may want to ask your date about how their childhood was, etc.

  • Do Something Different From The First Date

You don’t want to bore each other too quickly by planning your second date around the same events as the first one. Choose an entirely different activity and venue for your second date to keep things fresh and open between you two.


Of course, you have to take into consideration the interests of both of you. For instance, if your first date was dinner, your second date could be movie watching at the cinema (if that is what interests you two).

  • Do Not Open Your Dirty Closet Just Yet

Just because you two are beginning to get comfortable, doesn’t mean you should begin spilling the tea already.

Keep the stories about your exes away on your second date in addition to every gist that has been bottled up in your closet. Your second date isn’t the right time to open your dirty closet just yet. Close that dirty closet and keep it locked.

  • Continue To Be A Good Listener

One of the reasons your first date was successful is most likely because you were a good listener. And for your second date, you do not want to lose this virtue.


In fact, if you can, price to your date your listening skill is top-notch. Pay close attention to what your date is saying because these details will eventually form the foundation of your relationship should you both have one.

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