End-of-the-year or Christmas parties are very common in many organizations. It’s that time of the year when members of staff get to unwind in an atmosphere that is warm, fun and filled with joy.


As easy as it looks, setting up an office party can be a Herculean task requiring attention to be paid to detail, as well as detailed planning.

Just like every other type of party, organizing a work party involves some intricate steps. Here are some ideas to follow in organizing your Christmas party.

Determine the source of capital


Depending on the organizational structure, a company might solely, or partly sponsor a Christmas party. Additionally, a company might not have adequate funding to foot the bills of an End-of-the-Year party.

Knowing the organization’s standpoint per budgeting can help inform you on how to raise funding to run the logistics. Trust that members of staff might not be content with short notice on making personal contributions and donations for the party.

Make early-bird logistics arrangement


Logistics is the central point of every office party. Food, drinks, decorations and etc. all fall under this column. And one thing they have in common is that they require money in exchange to be bought either as goods or services.

By being in the loop on time on the organization’s annual budget, you can make timely decisions on how to raise funding to attend to every logistics for the reunion.

Determine a theme

While having a theme for an office party might seem useless, the reverse is the case. Drafting out a theme or central idea for a party will give you and the team in charge of planning enough outlets to express your creativity.


Another reason to consider a themed party is that they are gaining more and more traction in Nigeria. This way, your party is both trendy and appealing.

Try party theme ideas involving colour, style, and other significant events in history, present, and maybe future (space themes).

Notify members of staff on time

If you want a good number of turn up at the office party you’re organizing, make sure to send out the party invites as early on as possible.


Your colleagues are likely to have a million and one engagements as the holiday season is drawing nearer.

Make ample use of digital invitation platforms such as Typeform to send out electronic invitations if the party budget is tight.

Draft out a programme for the party

Throwing an office party without a program is like going into battle without a weapon.


You want to wrap up the party as soon as possible and cause the event to be ingrained in the minds of your colleagues.

Keep the party schedule light, fun, and straight to the point. If your programming involves the aid of a colleague, make sure to prompt them well ahead of time.

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