Acne, pimples, breakouts, whatever name you know it as is an embarrassing skin condition. You’ll agree that acne is perhaps one of the most popular skin challenge women fight daily.


Face creams, facial soaps, toners, pills and serums are few examples of mediums skincare brands capitalize on as their solution to eradicating acne.

However, what is additionally frustrating is that some of the most ‘recommended’ anti-acne skincare products never seem to work.

Without further ado, here are five reasons your acne seems to be persistent.

  • Dieting habits

In the pursuit for acne-free skin, some of us ignore the importance of diet. Diet plays a vital role in an individual’s general health and physical condition that it’s dangerous to ignore.

If your acne is persistent, take a trip down your food habit lane. Take note of the regular components making up your diet. For instance, do fatty oils such as vegetable oil make up a huge part of your diet?

You may want to change your eating habits by including more fruits and non-fatty foods.

  • Period 

Every woman is naturally conditioned to menstruate monthly. These monthly periods are accompanied with a number of symptoms known medically as PMS. A common PMS is acne. And just as every woman’s cycle differs, so does her PMS.

Usually, a few days after menstruation, these PMS acne clear out.

  • Skincare routine

Persistent acne could simply be a result of skincare rituals. This includes choices in skincare products and procedures.

Investigate your skincare routine to be sure it isn’t causing you more acne. Lancing your pimples for instance is a bad choice to make because by opening an acne and exerting the pus, there are great chances of spreading this pus on fresh areas on your face.


Do you perhaps use too many skin care routines? This might be the culprit behind your obnoxious acne.

Consider the state of face towels and sponge you make use. Insist on using clean, dry, towels dedicated to your face alone. Make sure to also change your facial sponge and scrubbers regularly.

  • Stress

Your excessive acne might just be caused by stress. For certain individuals, stress reflects itself as facial breakouts. Again, avoid lancing your pimples.

Take note to de-stress regularly by meditating, resting, relaxing, and eating healthily.

  • Hormones

Hormones are tricky. Hormones are responsible for the development of our sebaceous glands which manifest in the form of acne.

Pregnancy, menopause, and periods, are common factors behind acne. Birth control pills also significantly trigger acne. 

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