Throughout your life, you are probably going to have different types of sex.


There will likely be the memorable acts, a few regrettable decisions, experiments that don’t turn out as planned, and all of the good, bad, and ugly in between.

Regardless of how amazing or dissatisfying it may turn out to be, we tend to go into sexual intercourse with an underlying motivation.

Here are five of the reasons people have sex.



A good session of lovemaking after a rotten day at work or school — or one of those days when nothing seems to go the right way — will calm your frayed nerves.

If you have a lover that recognises when to make you feel better by initiating love-making, hold on to them.

Even those who may don’t have a spouse or lover may have found themselves feeling the need to be held, to feel loved at those moments when you are feeling down.



This is easy to get confused with consolation sex, there’s a thin line between both.

Apology sex is simply saying ‘I’m sorry’ when you have done something wrong.

While most people show remorse by buying gifts or doing nice things, there are times when sex will suffice and, you know, do the job of ‘I’m sorry’.

Hence, apology sex.



Also known as reward sex, it pretty much is a gesture of ‘thank you’ or ‘I’m very grateful for this wonderful thing you have done for me’.

Everyone — boyfriends, wives, husbands, girlfriends, lovers — may have at some point been given appreciation or initiated appreciation sex.

Just sex

This is perhaps the most common type of sex among sexually active persons.

It is the type of sex you have when you feel the urge to copulate. It is the most exciting type of sex as you get to make love for the fun of it.


No play-acting, no over-acting, and no need to impress.


To some, sex is the last card to play en route to sealing a business deal. Some sex sessions are bereft of affection and mostly play-acting especially when there’s an agenda involved.

Sexual intercourse can sometimes be nothing more than an investment towards achieving an objective. And that goal could be in any form, not necessarily material in nature.

Why are you having sex?


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