The humble potato is the staple ingredient for many nations. From boiled potatoes to crunchy fries, it’s a versatile vegetable (unlike other vegetables that are actually fruits!).

If you’re looking for inspiration and want to know different types of ways to cook potatoes, check out these suggestions for alternative approaches.

5 different types of ways to cook potatoes

  1. Boiled

Boiling potatoes is possibly the simplest method. It’s also the healthiest since no other ingredients are required. You can add them in salads or serve as a side dish with Sunday roasts.

It also starts as the basis for different types of ways to cook potatoes listed out below!

  1. Roasted

The other main cooking method for potatoes from raw is roasting. It makes for a wonderful side dish as the skin becomes crispy while the insides are soft and fluffy. Marinaded with the herbs and you’re in potato heaven!

You can also try making the Hasselback potato. These are the more stylish and contemporary versions of a baked potato. Slice them horizontally for a fan-like pattern to make crispy ridges to dig into. (Psst – these go great with chives and butter!)

  1. Mash

We can’t have a discussion about different types of ways to cook potatoes without mentioning mash! It can take a bit more elbow grease to get it silky smooth, but you’re eating creamy and buttery potato gold once you do.

It serves as the basis for a few dishes like Shepherd’s Pie and Cottage Pie.

The secret to delicious mashed potato is actually before you start crushing it. Once you’ve boiled them, drain the water and actually let them rest in the empty pot for 10 minutes while covered. This dries out the potatoes so they’ll absorb more butter.

If you don’t have a potato masher tool, don’t fret. Crush the potatoes with a spoon so they’re in much smaller chunks. Then pass that through a sieve. It removes all the little lumps that wouldn’t crumble and keeps your mash super smooth.

  1. Deep fry

When we say fish, you say? Chips.

If you think of a burger, what do you ask for as a side? Chips.

Chips are the staple of fast food globally. Deep frying your own chips is extremely easy. They aren’t the healthiest option but are great as a sharing dish or snack when in front of the TV.

You can get creative and make your own Cheesy Fries. The more variety of shredded cheese types you put on, the better!

  1. Baked

Last but not least, we have baked potatoes. It’s a similar method of cooking to roasted, except roasting involves cooking at higher temperatures. It also depends on the structure of the dish when it goes into the oven. Dishes that need roasting are already solid and don’t change during the cooking.

On the other hand, dishes that require baking become more solidified while in the oven and are cooked at lower temperatures.

Different types of ways to cook potatoes through baking are potato bravas, potato gratin, or even baked potato.

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