Filmjoint, the production company, will be hosting a premiere of five short films at the EbonyLife Cinema on June 6.


The maiden edition, titled “short films through a new lens,” is expected to feature filmmakers for a panel discussion.

The event will give the first performance of its shortlisted films with the titles, ‘If Not Freedom’, ‘3:15 am’, ‘Baghdad Graphic’, ‘Bug’s Bunny’, and ‘Traffic Me’.

Speaking with TheCable Lifestyle, Dawn Ntekim-Rex, the program director, said the premiere will be an avenue for filmmakers to showcase their short films, network, and spread the new narrative of the value of short films.


He added that he expects film enthusiasts and young filmmakers to be present at the event to learn from notable movie producers that will speak at the panel discussion.

“I believe there are stories everywhere and some stories are best told as short films. The beauty of a story is not in its length but in its telling,” he said.

“In order to improve the telling of our stories we need to stop focusing on length but on the art of storytelling. Short films have been an avenue to express that art on a minimal level and it is time more people paid attention to these films.


“With the Filmjoint premiere, I believe more people would be encouraged to tell their stories knowing fully well that these stories have an impact and are recognised.

“Apart from the film screening, there is going to be a panel discussion on short films and a Q and A session after the premiere for guests to ask the Filmmakers questions about their films.”

On his part, Gbenga Adeoti, a film director and founder of Filmjoint, said the premiere is aimed at changing the perspective of filmmakers on short films.

“Part of the essence of Filmjoint is to create constant conversations about films, giving room for filmmakers to learn, relearn and unlearn,” he said


“We want to create a new standard for short films and increase their value, thereby making them marketable, with this people will begin to see short films from a different perspective and accept it more, even filmmakers will be more serious when making a short film, because now they know they have to create films of international standard.”

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