Afrobeat icon Femi Kuti on Sunday held a single musical note for 46 minutes, 38 seconds.


The musician, blowing on his saxophone, went the mile at the New Afrikan Shrine, Lagos.

Fans of Kuti have immediately took to social media to laud his effort.


Although many believe he may have broken a record for his attempt, it’s unlikely he did.

In 1997, a Guinness World Record was set by legendary saxophonist, Kenny G, for the longest musical note.

He used the circular breathing technique to sustain an E-flat on saxophone for 45 minutes and 47 seconds.

Circular breathing is a technique which keeps a steady stream of air flowing through the saxophone even as the player breathes.


Kenny G lost the world record in 2000 after musician Vann Burchfield held a note for 47 minutes, 5.5 seconds.

Kuti’s attempt was 27.5 seconds shy of Burchfield’s 17-year record.

The Afrobeat musician’s sister, Yeni Kuti, also shared the news of his feat on Instagram, asserting that he broke the Guinness World Record.


“Yesterday evening 7th May at the New Africa Shrine, Femi Kuti broke the world record for the longest single note on a saxophone note set in 1997 by Kenny G. The record stood at 45mins 37 secs….Femi did 46mins 38secs!! Give it up, we have a world champ,” she wrote.

“This was witnessed by a large audience that included Sen. Ben Murray-Bruce, the deputy high commissioners of Netherlands and The United Kingdom etc. Femi did it at 55 years old. Not exactly a spring chicken 🍗 o!!!! I am so proud of him.”

According to Burchfield, Guinness World Records has since cancelled the category.

Although a check on the Guinness World Records website showed that the category is no longer available, TheCable Lifestyle has reached out to ascertain if it still exists.

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