Facebook, a US multinational company, says it will block a terminally-ill man’s attempt to livestream his death after his euthanasia request was turned down.


According to AP, Alain Cocq, a 57-year-old French man, who suffers from a rare and incurable disease which causes the walls of his arteries to stick together, had earlier written Emmanuel Macron, France president, requesting for euthanasia.

Euthanasia is the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering.

Macron, however, denied Cocq’s request for euthanasia, noting that the country’s law does not allow such.


“Because I am not above the law, I am not in a position to grant your request,” he had reportedly said.

Cocq is said to have battled the condition for 34 years during which he had multiple operations.

As a result, he had announced his willingness to end the pain and planned to broadcast the final days of his death via his social media page.


He was said to have shared a video of himself on Friday where he announced that he had taken “his last meal.”

“I know the days ahead are going to be very difficult. But I have taken my decision and I am serene,” he had said.

He had since refused to take food, drink and medicine — a move, he said, would help facilitate his death.

But in a statement, Facebook announced that it had blocked Cocq’s live broadcasts, explaining that the company does not “allow depiction of suicide attempts.”


“Our hearts go out to Alain Cocq and those who are affected by this sad situation,” it said in a statement.

“While we respect his decision to draw attention to this complex and difficult issue, based on the guidance of experts, we have taken steps to keep Alain from broadcasting live, as we do not allow the depiction of suicide attempts.”

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