Ric Hassani, Nigerian R&B singer, says it will take interventions from Jesus and Allah to fix the country.


He spoke in a recent interview with TheCable Lifestyle where he opened up on Nigeria’s socio-political situation.

On the #EndSARS protests and shootings that played out in Lagos back in October 2020, Hassani opined that the problems facing Nigeria have been allowed to linger on for so long that they’re no more independent of the people.

“I don’t know, honestly. The thing is that Nigeria’s problems have been around so long that it’s now inside the people. We can’t remove it. They’re no longer independent of the people and the country,” the singer said.


“You can’t separate them anymore. How do we fix this? It’s going to take a long time and miracles. It’ll take Jesus, Allah, and native doctors from Benin. It’ll take a lot to fix it. I don’t have any answer at all. Just stream my album.”

During the interview, Hassani also detailed his encounter with robbers disguised as soldiers along Freedom Way, Lekki.

“It was a very stupid situation. I didn’t want to talk about it before. It (insecurity) is limiting lots of things, not just showbiz. It’s bad, bro, only that we’ve become used to it. You can’t walk down the streets,” the 32-year-old added.


“I don’t know how we can change that. Even those who go around robbing people, the country isn’t probably favouring them. Nigeria is at this level where fixing it would demand more than just protests. It will take a lot.”

Read the full interview HERE.

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