Aituaje Iruobe, Nigerian singer better known as Waje, says she is ready to marry any man that sends her fuel.


Amid the fuel scarcity currently in the country, the music star took to social media on Friday to make the announcement.

Waje said the most important item on her marriage list is 100 litres of fuel. She, however, said she will accept any man who can bring as low as 25 litres of fuel.

“For those asking for my hand in marriage, the most important item on the list is 100 liters of fuel. I can manage 50. In short, my family will accept 25 sef,” she said.


“Even if you did not ask, because of Fuel (what you have in your hand! Holy!) you’ll gain a God fearing, demon chasing, heaven awaiting spouse.”

It remains to be seen if the singer is serious or joking.

Waje has established herself as a household name in the Nigerian music industry with several awards and recognition.


The singer had in August 2020 talked about how a pastor of her church banned her from the choir over premarital pregnancy.

“I got into a relationship in SS3 and the relationship went from ‘puppy love’ to sexual. At that time, I felt I loved him and that (sex) was the only way I could express my love,” she had narrated.

“At that time, I saw a fine boy who liked me, though we quarreled on several occasions. I didn’t understand the responsibility that came with making decisions like that.

“I got pregnant. One afternoon, someone came to my house and told me my pastor wanted to see me. I knew that day, there were two things that would happen ― either I died or I died.


“Everything in me drained. I went to see the pastor. He was in a conference room with others and he said to me, ‘If you lie, you will die, because you are standing in front of God, holy spirit, and me.’

“He asked me, ‘Are you pregnant?’ and I said, ‘Yes’. He was so disappointed. He told me he wanted to see me in church every Wednesday and Sunday but I would no longer sing in the choir.”

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