Body and face exfoliations are more popular beauty routines compared to lip exfoliation.


Ideally, attention should be paid to the lips as harsh weather conditions and even diet could cause discomfort.

Exfoliation is the best way to maintain healthy, smooth, and fresh lips. Although there are available lip balms and lip scrubs for lip exfoliation, you may not necessarily need to rely on using these products to exfoliate.

This is because some household products contain the best natural properties to obtain healthy looking and feeling lips.


Generally, in order to achieve exfoliation with household products, the three basic items needed are; a new soft toothbrush or lip scrub brush, an exfoliant (for instance brown sugar), and a nourishing agent (for instance raw organic honey).

Step 1

Pour a spoon of the raw honey into a clean bowl and mix in a few drops of coconut oil. Stir properly until they both form a paste. In the absence of coconut oil, a few drops of clean water will do.


Step 2

Add a spoon of brown sugar into the honey and coconut oil paste. Stir the ingredients until they are well blended.

Step 3

Wipe your lips clean off any cosmetic products or dirt. You can use this by simple washing off your lips with clean warm water or by using a very soft and clean towel to wipe off your upper and lower lips gently.


Step 4

Gently apply the coconut oil and honey paste onto the surface of your lips. Using the clean toothbrush or lip scrub brush, gently scrub the surface of your lips.

Do not to scrub harshly as this could cause bleeding or blisters. In the occasion that you have neither the toothbrush nor lip scrub, you may use your index finger.

Remember to scrub in circular motions as this pressures dead skin cells to be eliminated giving way for a fresher and smoother surface.


Step 5

After two to three minutes of scrubbing,  wash off your lips with tepid water and apply a good oil based lip gloss. The miracle after exfoliating is that lip products will penetrate the skin surface making them more effective.

Besides the coconut oil and honey scrub, there is a range of various natural agents for lip exfoliation such as strawberry, cinnamon, ground raw coffee, orange peels, vanilla extracts and vitamin E.

Rose petals and mint leaves are also great natural agents for lip exfoliation.


Keep your lip exfoliation routines between once to thrice weekly depending on what works best for you.

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