Eva Alordiah, the Nigerian rapper, has revealed why she has refused to grant a single media interview in the last five years.


In a lengthy Instagram post, the 33-year-old attributed her reasons to “fake news” while also reacting to rumours that she recently welcomed a newborn baby.

She described bloggers as “one of my biggest struggles” throughout her musical career.

The rapper also accompanied the post with a screenshot of the featured image used by a blog claiming she has given birth.


In the screenshot, the blog appeared to have mistaken the Nigerian rapper for Eve, the American singer and actress, who recently welcomed her baby.

“Proof yet again that many Nigerian Bloggers have no actual talent, do no research and do not think. Throughout my career, one of my biggest struggles has been the press. Uncultured, talentless, crass, ignorant and a collection of Ad-money hungry individuals who would do better if they went back to school. This is why I have not granted anyone a single interview in more than 5 years now,” the post read.


“Many of them do nothing but rush for the headlines, create confusion and write junk for Likes and Comments. But the bigger problem is what such sorry mess this type of ignorant, unchecked journalism does for brands and creatives like myself who are just trying to do good in the world. There are a lot of useless, poorly written articles with our names all over the Internet and it is just all bad for brands.

“I am calling out all Nigerian bloggers and imploring you guys to please do better. It is not Hard. We can all choose to be and do better. If you call yourself a blogger, do better. Write articles with depth, provide real value and research the information you are putting out into the world. And if you have no real gift of writing and no use for real journalism, beg God for wisdom and sit your ass through another calling. I have kept to myself for a long time and try to mind my business from a distance.

“I pulled myself out of the Music scene to find peace and mental sanity— by myself! I have been kept in the dark by Press and media and do not answer no questions. I have taken my own narrative and started writing my own stories. Respect yourselves please and Do not be an unfortunate Homosapien who has brains but chooses not to use them.”


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