Eva Alordiah, the Nigerian rapper, has admonished women looking for relationships to be self-reliant.


In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the musician also had some words for women who get into relationships for financial gains.

According to her, a relationship can only be “healthy” if both parties’ financial benefits are mutual.

“Sis, you have to really decide if you want a man with whom to explore this beautiful life, or if you want ATM,” she wrote.


“A relationship is not something you do to get money. Go get you a job or get your skills up if you tryna get paid.”

Alordiah also called on women to invest in self-development and building themselves rather than depending on men to survive.

“This phase ‘men are providers’ has got a lotta of people growing a toxic sense of entitlement. Men have needs too. A man is happy to provide where he feels nurtured and cared for, it’s their nature. He can’t go against nature, all things been equal,” she added.


“Let’s make relationship healthy again. Let’s make the ‘self’ healthy again. Take time out for you, heal yourself and old wounds. Escape into your sense of wonder and individualism. Do your thing, make your own money.

“So many bright, intelligent women are stuck in toxic unhealthy relationship simply because they know no other way to fend for themselves except through a man.

“God has deposited so much power and potential in you for you not to have your own way in this world. Let a man come in to add to what you’ve already got while you add unto him to.”


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