Eucharia Anunobi, the ace Nollywood actress, says Nigerians “waste God’s blessings” by buying traditional uniforms locally known as “asọ ebi” during parties.


The film star was speaking about prudence in a video shared via her Instagram page on Monday.

In the video, Eucharia said many Nigerians burden themselves with unwarranted expenses to impress others but suffer in silence.

According to her, those who purchase uniforms for festivities waste “God’s blessings”.


“In Nigeria, we see what we call asọ ebi, like a party uniform. Hear me, it’s not a must that you must wear asọ ebi or buy that uniform,” Eucharia could be heard saying.

“It is not a must to wear asọ ebi. It is not a must to buy that uniform. If you’re invited to that party, whatever you have in your wardrobe, please wear it and go.

“Because if you calculate how much money you spend on all those asọ ebi and those uniforms, you will see that you’re wasting a lot of monetary blessings that God gives to you.


“So this year, to stand strong against the schemes of the devil, you need to ensure that you become financially responsible.

“You don’t need to buy cars worth millions to impress people when you’re living in a rented apartment. Are you alright? Should you not use that money to buy your own apartment?”

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