Etinosa Idemudia, Nigerian actress, has stirred outrage on social media platforms over her threats to use the Quran as ashtray as she earlier did with the Bible.


The controversial actress went live on Instagram on Saturday and was seen ashing on a Bible while she also labelled a particular verse of the holy book “a scam”.

Her action obviously didn’t go down well with a segment of social media users who wondered if she could try the same stunt with a Quran.

An Islamic poet also dared the actress to try it with the Quran and see the dire consequences that will befall her.


In a swift response, the comic actress declared she wouldn’t hesitate to do the same if she’s given a Quran. She added that she won’t do it for free.

“Give me a Quran and I will mess it up in two seconds, who the f*ck do you think you are to threaten me with a textbook named a Quran or Bible? Are you m*d? Are you a b**tard,” she reacted angrily.

“On this Quran matter, I know you want me to do it but I can’t be giving you guys free show and giving bloggers free content. You need to pay me b*tch. Pay me and I will do it. 2 seconds! I dey fear you? Never! I fear God only and God is never confined to a textbook. Worshipping a textbook printed in Idumota is Idolatry. God hates idolatry. Aren’t you concerned about how confident I am? It is because I have God’s backing on this”.


Her remarks, however, opened the floodgates of reactions on social media platforms especially Twitter where users registered their outrage.

“Etinosa’s clout chasing is top level. I’ve never seen anyone that desperate for attention,” a Twitter user said.

“Christianity is a very liberal religion. But honestly Etinosa my Edo sister be advised, Islam is not like Christianity, do not use the Quran as an ashtray. You can’t stand the outrage because the consequences of your action maybe forever. Muslims don’t play with their religion,” another user said.


Here is what some Nigerians had to say:





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