Etinosa Idemudia, the Nigerian actress, has called for regulation of the country’s entertainment industry, saying it’s “a total mess.”


The movie star was reflecting on recent happenings in Nollywood in a series of posts via her Instagram stories on Wednesday.

Etinosa said like other regulated professions such as law, medicine and engineering, the entertainment sector should also have clear-cut standard of operation in its various branches.

According to her, the lack of regulation in the industry has brought about “disrespect to professionals” in the sector.


Citing Nollywood as an instance, Etinosa said anyone can now bear the “actress” tag.

The film star argued that proper regulation would help sanitise the industry.

“When there is no regulation in a thing, abuse is imminent. When the government or a governing body tries to regulate a thing, uneducated people fight assuming that it means activities are about to be clamped but no, regulations are for the good of every practitioner,” she wrote.


“I’m talking about this ‘influencer’ actress’ mess. I feel, just like engineering/law/ medicine and other regulated professions/sector/industry, the entertainment sector should be regulated. Structured, organized and then regulated.

“Proper education, training of it’s present and intending practitioners about the nitty gritty of the profession and it’s several branches, career opportunities, work ethics, terms, unions, legal provisions within the Law of said country etc.

“Where there would be examinations and certifications to qualify you as an entertainer in what ever branch you choose to specify in- be it acting for screen/theatre or music or the latest branch ‘content creation’ brought about by the vast growth of social media.

“There’s so much mess. The charlatans give everyone a bad name. Everybody, literally everybody is an ‘actress’.


“So much disrespect. Despite all the hardwork. I dare say filmmakers, musicians work harder than engineers (no offense). But everything is packaging… branding…organization… regulation.

“Because we don’t wear shirt and tie don’t mean we are irresponsible. My industry could use a little ‘packaging’…just thinking out loud and wishing wishes were horses.”

Etinosa said regulation has become more imperative in the wake of several social media confrontations involving entertainers over alleged breach of contracts.

“If there was a regulating body for ‘influencers’ for instance, those two will not be out there dragging each other. Firstly, the influencing practitioners I would be well educated and understand fully their responsibility towards each other,” she added.


“Practitioners would be educated and well informed on how to pass disclaimers without damaging the reputation of one another

“Business will not be by ‘sentiment or my bro my bro’. Business will be business with clear terms and expectations from both parties. And in case of any breach, there would be an appropriate place to lay complain- not social media. A total mess…”

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