A fronter of the Feminist Coalition has stirred a controversy on Twitter after she taunted her male folks over the group’s feminine logo indiscriminately adopted during the #EndSARS protest.


For the past two weeks, during which Nigerian youths took to the streets to call for a reform of the country’s police force, the group had amassed funds that catered for medical bills, feeding, legal aid, among others needs of protesters.

Its logo had become widely circulated on social media as many users adopted it as their profile photo, not in solidarity of the group’s feminist ideology, but that it became closely associated with the protesters’ ideals.

On Friday, Ire Aderinokun, one of the activists who fronted the group, took to the microblogging platform to claim that male folks were pained after discovering the logo they held high was representative of the female gender.



“On another note, it was honestly so heartwarming to see how this logo I designed in less than 30 minutes and under so much pressure became such a powerful symbol in the movement,” she wrote.

“+ it was hilarious that misogynists thought the female symbol in it was ‘hidden’. Men are so pained about this female symbol. I love to see it.”

Aderinokun’s statement has since sparked argument among some Nigerians who took part in the #EndSARS protest on Twitter.

“‘Men are so pained’ is a stupid statement. Lots of men supported this movement. From the very first day you created this logo, I made it my profile pic on Twitter, WhatsApp, and IG. Here we are again,” one user wrote.


“Men took bullets from the movement you created. At least 85% of deaths accounted for are men from the collective fight we had. I am a feminist but this statement na bullshit.”


Joining the fray, another protester added: “After all the tears! Really? As a woman, I felt we as individuals are far above this!!! You know people are still going through tough times right?

“Wow, shocking! Should have just ignored the negativity now you have just done this, what a shame but I guess we do what we want.”

Below are other tweets portraying what Nigerians had to say:


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