Emmanuella Samuel, a YouTube child comedienne, has revealed that she used 25 percent of her earnings to build the house for her mother.


The 10-year-old, who is renowned for her role in Mark Angel Comedy’s web series, brought this revelation to light during a chat with BBC.

Emmanuella had made headlines on Sunday after she unveiled a new home she built for her mother.

During the chat, the Youtube star said she had split her money into four, one of which she set aside for the project.


“I decided to build my parents a house because I had wanted to buy my dad another car but Uncle Mark reminded me I promised my mum a house. I decided to save that money and eventually used it to build the house,” she said.

“I had contacted my manager to help me split the proceeds from my work into four parts. One went to the orphanage, another for the building, one for my family, and the remaining for my savings.”

Emmanuella: I built the house for my mum with 25% of my earnings
Emmanuella and her parents

Emmanuella also explained that she had started the building project back in 2019 without the knowledge of her mother.


“My mother never knew I was building this house for her. It was when I handed over the keys to her and my father that she smiled. I loved that smile. We started building the house in December 2019,” the young comedienne said.

“It took us almost a year to finish it. I feel so happy fulfilling the promise. She even deserves an estate but I’m not Dangote. The house is not the only surprise I want to give my family. I still have other plans for them both.”

She has continued to thrill her fan with hilarious jokes centered around the everyday life of the average Nigerian.


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