Elton John, a renowned English singer, has revealed how “horrible” comments from Watford fans about his music and clothes kept him grounded at the peak of his fame. 


The singer brought the revelation to light on Sunday in a conversation with Arsène Wenger, former Arsenal coach, when the duo appeared on Hay Festival Digital Winter Weekend.

The ‘Rocketman’ crooner has remained a lifelong supporter of Watford FC and served as both owner and chairman of the club in the 1970s and 1980s when he released several of his hit songs.

He had an impressive stint at the club, inspiring its rise from the fourth division to first division and placing second to Liverpool, the eventual champions, in the 1982-1983 season.


Reflecting on his career, the 73-year-old singer — known for his outrageous outfits — explained that such candid views from fans helped him to keep calm as a music star.

“It’s part of my life that gave me so much. When I was a big star and a big musician it grounded me, because people who go to football, they’ll tell you the truth,” he said.

“The fans will say, ‘I don’t like your new record, I wish you wouldn’t look like that’.”


He, however, noted that such opinions about him did not soil his relationship with the fans.

“They did not imply [anything]. It was simply one thing that levelled me out,” he added.

“The eagerness of the crowds and the horrible issues they stated about me have been half and parcel and it was great.”

The songwriter, pianist and composer had earlier in ‘Me’, his autobiography, narrated how his love for his local club help him survived the “darkest moments” of his life.


“I was chairman throughout the worst period of my life: years of addiction and unhappiness, failed relationships, bad business deals, court cases, unending turmoil,” he had written.

“Through all of that, Watford were a constant source of happiness to me.

“For obvious reasons, there are chunks of the eighties I have no recollection of but every Watford game I saw is permanently etched on my memory.”


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