Chickpeas are a variety of legumes. They are usually hard, pale brown, round seeds that can be cooked and eaten in various forms.  There are different types of chickpeas variously known as gram or Bengal gram, garbanzo or garbanzo bean, Egyptian pea. 


This legume is high in protein and fiber. It is a superfood and has a profile packed full of nutrients which benefit the health.

To add icing to the cake, chickpeas can be prepared in a lot of ways depending on the taste and preference of the individual consuming it. They can be added as condiments into salad and soups.

They can be snacked upon after being roasted. In fact, we hear that chickpea moi-moi.


What are some of the health benefits of chickpeas?

Boosts Heart Health

Chickpeas are an important source of minerals like potassium which boosts cardio health. In addition to this, chickpeas contain selenium, iron, and fibre and all contribute to supporting the heart’s functions.


Since chickpeas do not contain cholesterol, they decrease the risk of heart diseases by preventing high blood pressure for instance.

Certain studies argue that a person can reduce their total cholesterol by simply including chickpeas into their diet.

Chickpeas Lower Cancer Risks

By including chickpeas into your diet, the risks of certain types of cancer will be reduced. When one consumes chickpeas, the body creates a short-chain of fatty acid called butyrate.


Butyrate is basically a type of fatty acid which has the potential to reduce inflammation in colon cells. This means that possibility of colon cancer is reduced.

Chickpeas Lower Cholesterol

While your body needs cholesterol, high levels of this substance can increase the risk of heart diseases. The fibre in cholesterol is responsible for this lowering of fat, experts say.

Hence, including chickpeas into your diet will help manage the level of cholesterol.


Chickpeas Help Maintain Weight

If you’re working on maintaining your weight, including chickpeas into your diet will do wonders. This legume contains properties which help control the body’s weight.

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