Kanye West embarked on a winding Twitter rant for about 10 hours from Thursday to Friday, spilling his feelings about his issues with fellow rapper Drake.


West said he has been trying to resolve his disagreement with Drake but the Canadian has been dodging a sit-down.

He accused the OVO rapper of calling to threaten him and his family while stating yet again that he did not leak the secret about his child with an adult film star.

West tweeted: “Been trying to meet with you for 6 months bro. You sneak dissing on Trav records and texting Kris talking bout how’s the family.


“I told you I ain’t tell Pusha about your son. It’s all love bro but don’t play with me. You stay too close to be playing all these industry games bro.

“Buying first two rows at Pusha show got me hot bro. Stop this already bro. You getting people hurt out here. And over what.”


“Drake called trying to threaten(sic) me. So drake if anything happens to me or anyone from my family you are the first suspect So cut the tough talk.

“When I go through shit he f**ks with me and I’m his idol. I’m the guy with the pink polo that made a way for him

“There would never be a drake without a Kanye west so never come out your mouth with a threat

“You trying to be a bully. I never been bullied in my life and I never will be. That’s why I made it this far in a pink polo. Drake I’m not going to physically fight you like it’s MTV boxing.


“Leave me and my family alone bro. This year has been really tough and you have added to the confusion.”

The GOOD Music founder ended the rant with “I’ve made mistakes and have karma. No man is perfect. The universe will test us”.

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