Adunni Ade, a Nigerian actress, has warned the public against using her picture to promote brands without getting her approval.


In an Instagram post on Tuesday, the movie star said she decided to comment on the issue having observed the prevalence of such practice in recent times.

The 50-year-old also disclosed that she is not someone who engages in asking for freebies, hence nobody should use her image for publicity without her permission.

“I have something I would like to get off my Chest. I buy from a lot of Nigerian brands, emphasis on ‘buy’. If I happen to buy from you, and we both pretend not to know each other (which isn’t a problem) until after payment has been made on my side, please I beg of you, do not ask for a tag, or a repost,” she wrote.


“I’m not one of those who look for free handouts for a tag. If I like, I buy. I don’t look for free items to help ‘publicise’ or grow your page. I have single-handedly helped a lot of brands grow as well without collecting a dime and also promoting their business which is as my spirit leads.”

According to her, such an act is not only unethical but also unfair to brands which pay heavily to influence their products and services.

“A lot of brands pay me heavy to have me influence for them. I do not think it is fair on them. Please note, I don’t like to talk too much. I let ‘serving’ do the talking. I go all the way!,” she added.


“I work too hard for my coins now! Let us all know when to play o! Do not use my image to publicise your work without approval. Peace.”

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