Michael Ugochukwu, Nigerian rapper and entrepreneur better known as Ruggedman, has rebuked Naira Marley over his supportive comment on internet fraud.


TheCable Lifestyle earlier reported that Naira Marley urged Nigerians to pray for internet fraudsters because “they are crucial to the circulation of money in the Nigerian economy”.

Naira Marley’s comments, made on his Instagram live session, gave the impression that swindling foreigners was justifiable because they had forced Nigerians and the black race into slavery in time past.

In reaction to the much-decried comment, Ruggedman, during an interview with Silverbird TV, told Marley “not to disrespect the black race.”


“Naira Marley said ‘If you know slavery, you would understand that yahoo-yahoo is not a crime.’ I replied him saying, ‘Bro, do not disrespect the black race and the enslaved by trying justify cyber crime with slavery’.”

“If you have issues with slavery, start a movement and fight whoever you think owns slaves. Because, as far as I’m concerned, people who did died ages ago. Right now, you stealing people’s hard-earned money—both foreigners and Nigerians—does not justify yahoo-yahoo,” Ruggedman said.

“I’m not stopping you from doing yahoo-yahoo if you want to do it. I have friends that do it, some are in jail for it. I’m not judging. But the thing is do not try to make it look good to young people because a crime remains a crime!”


“Do you know how many people have committed suicide after fraudsters cleared their accounts containing all their earnings? Yahoo is stealing money that belongs to somebody else and that is a crime. There is no justifying that.”

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