A heated debate has ensued on the Nigerian Twittersphere over the justification of fathers running DNA tests on their children. 


A Nigerian doctor based in the UK took to his Twitter page on Friday to share a thread claiming it is rightful for a father to order a DNA test for his child.

“A child’s dad can order a DNA test. All you need is the child’s hair, nails or blood. Job done. And it can be done secretly. You don’t need to ask a woman before doing a DNA test. You don’t need her permission. At all. Don’t let anybody guilt trip you. Pass this on to all men,” he wrote.

The doctor’s opinion has since sparked arguments and also dominated Twitter trends.

While a number of users registered their support for DNA tests to be carried out, saying it is cheaper than taking care of someone else’s child, others opposed the view, arguing it is a symptom of underlying trust issues.

“DNA test isn’t cheap but you know what is more costly, raising a child that isn’t yours. Get that DNA Test done,” a Twitter user said.


Any woman against this,na guilty conscience dey kill am,why will you be angry that your husband went ahead to do DNA test secretly, I think he will appreciate and trust you more ,when he discovered the children are his. I come in peace,” another user said.

On Saturday, a Twitter user — identified as Otomee — had narrated how her uncle was able to reclaim his child eight years after the mother claimed that he wasn’t the baby’s biological father.

Here is what some Nigerians had to say:

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