If you were conversant with social media, especially twitter, you’d notice once or twice, a couple of nude pictures flying high. At first it was almost every other day you find someone who decided to carry out a personal vendetta and thought twitter was the best place for that kind of stuff.


Thankfully, no one has thought of carrying the madness down to Instagramville.

Anyway, nudes are as a result of sexual fantasy between a boy and a girl (well these days, we may begin to include between a boy and a boy and between a girl and a girl). Sometimes, however, it is between a girl and a girl where the case is as a result of a bad fight over a guy. So technically, a guy is still very much twisted in there.

Now ladies take the pleasure of sending their nudes to their boyfriends or friends with benefits and at the time, it seems like an interesting thing to do and every one was doing it anyway. Plus, of course, adding the fact that you begged him to delete it immediately and to which he promised you he would, right? Wrong.


Guys do not delete nude. Read that sentence a million times till it sticks. Whatever he told you or promised you he would do should you send that graphic sensual image to him won’t be done. Because, you see, at that moment he isn’t thinking with his head but that big guy inside his shorts. And that is what would be controlling him each time he sees your picture and here are reasons why they do not delete nude pictures.

For Vengeance. Hence the beginning of this piece. Most social media mongers now see twitter as the new kingdom and exposing nudes as the punishable act for whatever it is you could have possibly done to them to hurt their egos.

For second rounds. If you thought it was over that night and nothing more because he promised you he’d delete them anyway, then think again. Especially if you’re smoking hot, rest assured your pictures are going to be on that phone for a longer time than you’d be in his life, as he must have second rounds with your body. He doesn’t necessarily need your presence.


For showoffs. Most guys like to show off to their friends that they too could acquire such treasure that is a girl’s nudes. Because, to a guy, the sole act of transferring nudes is as cool and easy as having a new song on your phone and transferring it to your friends to save them the stress of downloads. They will forever hold you in high regard.

For monumental history. For some, you are close to the best they would ever have and why lose such a memory should you decide that the grass is greener on the other side and you would very much like to try it out?

A girl would own a nude if they are friends and are playing nudes with each other. That is the only reason I can find as to why a girl will have another girl’s nude pictures on her phone to use for a personal vendetta later (like that occasion on twitter where the expose owned her nude pictures with pride). Either that or they just stole it from the owner’s phone.

Bottom line: do not trust your nudes with anybody, if indeed you must own one.


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