A relationship filled with proud partners and ego-filled lovers is almost certainly bound to fail.


Everyone, irrespective of gender, has pride deeply rooted in their heart, but pride destroys relationships as it breeds anger, malice and hatred.

Here are ways to deal with pride in a relationship:



Perseverance in the face of pride brings about steadfastness in a relationship.

Love is always ready to make allowances, to trust and to endure no matter what the situation is; so when your partner exhibits arrogance, learn to endure him/her and don’t bring your ego into the play as two wrongs never make a right.

Healthy confrontation


When your partner is uncontrollably livid, even when wrong, be tactful and don’t confront him/her at that point in time.

Subsequent healthy confrontation is most often an effective way of dealing with tricky situations.

Confrontation, when done properly, helps relationship thrive as it is actually one of the best ways to change your partner.



At times, understanding could be more important than love especially when it comes to intimate relationships.

Understanding your partner prevents immature arguments and if at all arguments spring up, you are able to quell it before they escalate.


Taking the high road



The act of ‘being the bigger person’ has saved countless relationships from disintegrating.

When pride becomes a problem in your relationship, it’s always smarter to take the high road because eventually, the proud partner may most likely recognise the folly of their ways and apologise.


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