Davido, an Afropop singer, has stated emphatically that if Burna Boy and Wizkid team up against him, it won’t work.


In a recent interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, host of the BBNaija show, the ‘Assurance’ crooner also denied claims that he dissed Burna Boy in ‘Fem’, his recent solo track, describing himself as being one of the happiest for his success.

Davido had used the word ‘Odogwu’, Burna Boy’s nickname, in ‘Fem‘ while saying he would love to party. This had given rise to multiple interpretations due to the existing feud between the two.

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Davido and Burna Boy

In the black-box chat with Ebuka, Davido said: “Why is everyone asking what ‘Fem’ was about? Burna Boy and I are brothers. We can’t be in the same room and have an argument. We’ve outgrown that.


“I was the happiest for Burna Boy’s success. I know how many times people discredited him. Do you know how many times I said, ‘If Burna Boy gets the opportunity, he’ll be number 1’.

“Do you know how many times I said it? I don’t want to hit anybody. If I don’t do music, all my brothers out there are richer. If I work for them, do you know how many power plants we have?

“I’ll have been a billionaire in dollars. Burna is my brother. I met him in 2010. When I bought my first Fenda, Me, Burna, and Dammy Krane drove from one VI hotel to meet 2face in grasshopper.


“Army men held us and flogged us. That time, we weren’t popular that much. We went to put on the camo. Even after Burna blew, we were still cool. It’s just over a while, we started hearing…

“I’ve never said or wanted to do him bad. Even the guys telling him David is saying this and that, his PA knows what I did for him. I just woke up, it was all talks about the football team.”

Speaking further on their feud, Davido, who cited Burna Boy’s diss for him over a comic photograph, said he has severally tried talking it out with the ‘African Giant’ singer but can’t keep doing that.

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Wizkid and Burna Boy

The 27-year-old said it seems as though there’s a plan between Burna Boy and Wizkid to gang up against him.


“I saw a funny picture of Babalawo (spiritualist) with me and Wizkid. Apparently, Burna Boy had commented. ‘Everybody knows you cannot play football but your dad bought the football team’,” he said.

“I’d never mention his name before. Fem wasn’t about Burna Boy. It was about everyone para-ing (vexed) for no reason, even if I mentioned Odogwu. ‘Tell Odogwu we like to party, just call me’.

“I’m happy you’re up. We’re supposed to be running this together. You are angry that I posted me and Wizkid, but you are with Wizkid in London everyday. If they plan to come together against me it wont work. I am not fighting them. We’re the biggest in the game.

“Why are you fighting me? I’ve never said anything bad about you or discredited you. I answer my problems with music. Forget violence, will you shoot me? Tell me the problem, nobody can.


“Nobody will gang up against me such that it would work. It hurts me sometimes. I’ve tried with Burna but how long will I keep doing that? It’s either you don’t like me or… I‘m saying this now.

“Let’s all come together. But they won’t respond. With ‘Fem’, I just had to. If he replies, I’ll like it.”

‘Rivalry between Wizkid and I kept us apart… fans not helping’

On Wizkid, Davido said a collaboration should have happened between them but power play has continued to keep them from connecting with each other, despite attempts that have been made.


“I met Wiz, we used to do like a Christmas party at my dad’s house every year. He came. I met him at that time but we never linked. Then I met him again when I came back (to Nigeria),” he said.

“Me and Wizzy dey role o. We used to go to the beach. We were the youngest in the game. Fans were around me, and him. After my first album, things (their relationship) started shaking.

“Of course, I felt we were both in competition. He knows that. And that could be the reason… ’cause I’ve never done anything. I love Wizkid and he loves me too. But the competition caused this.

Davido: Wizkid and I are greatest of all time
Davido and Wizkid

“There was a power play. Fans, people around us don’t make it easier. Wizkid and I had always been together and dismissed it. In 2017, there was this chairman that said he wanted to see me.

“I didn’t know Wizkid was there. I saw him, we spoke. We hugged and left it. Everything was cool. Again after that in 2017, he called Mayorkun that he wanted him to feature in the show.

“I asked him to go. As my artiste, I’ll never block his side. Wiz’s bodyguard called saying he wants me to show up. I did and that was one of the greatest moments in Nigeria’s entertainment history.

“After that, we went our ways. I think we both listen to the fans too much. Did I and Wizkid’s beef (rivalry) make us bigger? Yeah, it did. We’re both not doing it on purpose. He’s my brother.

“But there’s really a problem that we need to fix. I’ve tried. Like I keep saying, the problem is not from me. Honestly, I saying this on camera. Ayo Balogun, I don’t have any problem with you.”

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