Denrele Edun, Nigerian media personality, says dating a man was the worst decision he made in relationships.


The 40-year-old was speaking about his relationship struggles during a chat with Chude Jideonwo, TV presenter.

Denrele said he had decided to give one of his male admirers a shot after he ran out of luck with all the girls he dated.

“Inner happiness, for me, was a struggle to find. I kept looking for it in people because I said to myself, ‘I have so much love to give. So why do people not giving me happiness?  With all the people that I’ve dated?” he asked.


“Well, they’re all married. One just got married last month and it’s a constant reminder. One of my family members called my dad from nowhere saying, ‘okay, Denrele is going to be 40 and not going to get married.

“I told my dad to tell the woman to call me herself so I can address the issue. But I’ve fallen in and out of love; been heartbroken severally. I’ve not been in too many relationships which is why I’m skeptical about getting into them.”

Denrele noted that the partner had unleashed a “toxic” behaviour on him — one he had initially attempted to change.


“One day I decided that maybe the girls do not have anything to offer me. Then, I had quite a bit of male attention. I decided to give somebody a chance. That was the worst decision of my life. Then, I decided I’m my sugar daddy,” he said.

“I have a strong masculine side designed to take care of my feminine side. I’m dating myself. The person I now decide to experiment with, it was the most draining thing. I said I was never going to be caught in that again.

“I met the mist disrespectful, disregarding… wawu! This temper, I tried to quell it. I thought maybe God wanted me to change this person. I got my reality check. People kept warning this person was toxic. I’d gone even overboard.”

The media personality had recently revealed how his mother once caught him having sex with a girl when he was 18.


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