Dear CeeCee,


My boyfriend just started his own business and he’s doing really well but I’m feeling insecure about him having mostly female clients. I want to tell him to stop his business. I know I’m overthinking. I really want to support him. Any tips or advice to help me with my overthinking?

Dear friend,

Let’s get into why you’re trying to become an enemy of progress in this child of Adam’s life.


Have you always been insecure or is this a recent development?

If you’ve always been an insecure person, then you need to tread lightly because it seems as though you’re projecting your personal insecurities on your boyfriend to the detriment of his business and your relationship.

I’d suggest you dig deep and get to the root cause of these feelings. The truth is that all feelings of insecurity are a result of our own limiting beliefs or the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and the type of life we deserve. If we had to earn love as a child by being perfect – or if we didn’t earn love at all, and instead were left with feelings of abandonment and loss – those feelings carry over into adulthood, whether we realise it or not.


Now, if this is a recent development, there are some questions I must ask. Has your boyfriend given you a reason to doubt his commitment? Does his business heavily depend on female clientele? Are you maybe looking for an excuse to sabotage this relationship?

I need you to reach within yourself and answer these questions honestly. Then, have a very honest conversation about your insecurities.

Communication is key in all areas of life – and that’s especially true if you’re feeling insecure in a relationship.

If he has cheated on you before and this makes you insecure, talk to him honestly and have a conversation about setting boundaries with his female clients.


You could both decide that at certain times, he shouldn’t take calls from clients. Or that they can only converse on his work line, not his personal line. This doesn’t mean you should spy on him, become clingy or try to control his time.

If your boyfriend loves you, and you’re both invested in the relationship, he’d be willing to make certain allowances to ensure you’re comfortable and at ease.

Without mutual trust and open communication, your relationship can’t thrive. So, work on building that. Also, don’t forget to reassure him that you believe in him and are happy for him and his progress.

With love,



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