Charly Boy is at the receiving end of a heated backlash following his tweet about harassment.


The singer, on Saturday, had tweeted that he had yet to hear of harassment on citizens of Yoruba extraction within the southeast as often as he learns of the victimisation dealt on the Igbo people in western Nigeria by the Yoruba.

He alleged that the Igbos are frequently targets of ethnic rivalry whenever an electioneering season draws closer.

“Almost 70 years, I have lived. I have never heard any story of my Yoruba brothers being harassed or terrorized in the eastern part of this country,” the tweet read.


“Why is the reverse the case in the west? What offense did their Igbo brothers commit to always be targeted any time election draws near?”

Charly Boy’s comments were made shortly before he announced a forthcoming street-themed show.



The statement appears not to be sitting well with many on Twitter who questioned his claims about harassment.

In one of such retortions, a Twitter user who claimed to be a former neighbour of the singer said Charly Boy was never harassed despite living in the Gbagada area of Lagos for up to seven years without paying rent.

“We were neighbours at 1 Ajidagan Street, 2nd Pedro, Gbagada. Charly Boy pulled down our fence with his to put a 20 ft container in the rented property for a studio,” the user alleged.

“Apart from destroying the house, his Yoruba landlady died heartbroken, fighting to collect 7 yrs rent Charly boy owed.”


In another comment, a user added: “Gramps Charlie said the SW were unwelcoming to the Igbo people in Lagos. Whoever was old enough to know what he did in Gbagada in those days would know better.

“Who controls Aspanda, Oyingbo, Ladipo, Alaba, and some major markets in Lagos? How many markets does the SW control in SE?”

Some other comments also followed.

Charly Boy, when TheCable Lifestyle contacted him, said the claims only attempted to dig up his tenancy past.

Asked if the allegations were true, the veteran singer, who now owns multiple houses himself, spoke dismissively.

“I’m already a landlord myself. I can’t rehash a 100-years-ago story. People can say whatever they please. How can such a claim be true? Let’s talk about important things, like how Nigeria can survive its current crisis,” he said.

“I own many houses now. They want to take me back to my poverty days just to make a point. They can continue.”

Buttressing his comment about ethnic rivalry ahead of the 2023 presidential election, Charly Boy added: “I’m more interested in how young people can wise up. Nigeria is in their hands now, not the older generation.

“We all know it’s ethnicity they look to divide us with, yet we keep playing into the hands of these failed elders.”


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