It’s only hours until the lockdown is called off and yes, we get it, you’re excited. But before you set off on the high horse of happiness anticipating the end of the confinement, it is really important to take note of some important things.


One of these important things should be preparing yourself mentally, and physically for Tuesday and life post-COVID-19.

There are definitely so.

  • Finish Up That Professional Course

It’s only fair that you do. Remember the rush of motivation you felt when you began that free online course? Well now’s the time to revive that spirit and finish up what you started.


Go back to that online module and complete the remaining modules of that course you’ve started. Wouldn’t it be great to have bagged a new certificate after lockdown? 

Additionally, if you never started an online course, you can most definitely register for one. Platforms like Alison, Coursera, and Udemy are still offering a lot of free courses and diplomas associated with Media, Communications, Software Development, and Marketing industries.

  • Do Your Laundry Please

You’ve had one-month of cruising at home in only sleepwear and yoga pants. That’s enough time for you to have thought up sustainable strategies for attending to your dirty clothes.


With most activities resuming on Tuesday next week, you’d want to be ready to go out again. Not to fret if you’re a sucker at washing. Laundromats are equally resuming operations fully and you can contact them to come to the rescue.

  • Draw Up A Comprehensive Report 

This is a very useful tip if you have been working from home. You’d want to prove to your employer that you have actually been putting in the work and not just chilling at home.

Create a report template highlighting every task or project in details that you have been working on the past month.

  • Note Your Accomplishments Throughout The Lockdown

Enter your accomplishments throughout the lockdown period in your journal or notepad. It could be anything from a new hobby you developed, a new friend or relationship you built, or even a project you worked on.


Whatever it is, just make sure to put it down in writing so you can see your accomplishments clearly.

Do not worry if your accomplishments seem small. Again, the essence of this exercise isn’t to test your big wins but to stir contentment within yourself for even the little milestones you’ve attained the past month.

  • Invest In Anti-COVID-19 Protective Gear

if you’re going to be interacting with public spaces, you might as well do it the right way. Invest in homemade or already-made protective gears such as; hand gloves, nose masks, and hand sanitizers.

Always have these items and spare ones in your carry-on or handbag, car, as well as workspace at the office. 


If possible, avoid crowded spaces such as; commercial buses, huge religious gatherings, crowded restaurants, concerts, and etc.

  • Get That Body Goal

No, we do not blame you for the extra weight here and there. It’s all Corona’s fault, please.

However, if you want to be able to fit into the clothes come Tuesday, you may want to slow down on the dodo and fried goat meat intake. Yes, you may want to also say goodbye to carbs for a while.

It’s time to say goodbye to being a couch potato bruv, get back in your running shoes and intensify on your workout.

  • Begin That Face Care Routine

Yes, Queen, you got that right. With just a few days to the lockdown, you may want to implement that new face routine.

But take note that this new procedure is offered by the counsel of an expert esthetician [there’s no time to joke around with your face].

Drink more water, stay out 0f the sun, and stay true to your trusted face care routine for a glowing face come Tuesday.

We’d like to know your last-minute lockdown activity ideas too. Anything fun?

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