Whether you’re self-isolating, practising social-distancing, or being quarantined, the reality of feeling lonely, anxious, and uncertain, under these circumstances cannot be underemphasized.


But you’re not alone in this feeling. As humans, we are naturally engineered as social beings and so isolation could manifest expressions of some of our worst imaginable emotions.

In less than a fortnight, we’ve witnessed normal practices such as social gatherings for religion and recreation purposes, become a threat and enablement to the now popular virus- COVID-19. 

As we practice self-isolation and social-distancing as our civic responsibilities, it’s easy to feel out of touch. However, by cultivating self-care habits during this period, living in isolation could be an avenue for self-improvement and finding happiness.

  • Organize Your Home

This period of isolation offers you the best time to organize your home. Take your time as you have plenty of that to think of more creative ways to transform your home into the dream space you’d like.

Move your couches and furniture around, and explore the many ways your home could look like after being reorganized.

Next, pick up a cleaning gear and clean the entire house. You’ll be killing two birds with a stone because your home will be germ and dirt free while you can enjoy the cleanliness which is proverbially next to godliness.


If you’ll be working from home, set up a dedicated space where you can be working from. 

  • Do Some Exercise

If you’ve been pushing off on exercising, what better time to cultivate the habit than now? Start with simple home-friendly workout routines such as sit-ups for a few minutes.

If you’re feeling uninspired, follow videos of instructional workout from pros and follow their lead. It may not seem easy at first, but after a few days, you’ll be shocked at the progress you’ve made.

Note that it’s okay if you cannot keep up with exercising. As the popular expression goes; ‘you cannot come and kill yourself’.

  • Keep In Touch With Loved Ones

There’s nothing like the warmth of a loved one to keep a person through lonely times. Call up family members, friends, or loved ones and just express yourself. It might seem awkward, but your loved ones ill always be happy to hear from you.

Don’t worry about what to talk about, there’s always a lot to gist about. 

  • Catch Up on That TV Series or Movie

This isolation period might be the best time to catch up on that movie or TV Series you’ve been meaning to. Thankfully, platforms like Netflix, Amazon, DSTV, and Iroko TV offer a large diversity of movies which you can choose from.

The interesting thing, especially for Netflix, is that movies based on your interests are pooled and suggested for you.


Remember to always keep a positive attitude and mindset as you self-isolate, social-distance or quarantine yourself. 

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