The internet was on Tuesday awash with photos of Covenant University students who had portions of their hair shaved off.


Students and alumni of the university had flooded social media to criticise the incident which some described as “dehumanising and unsanitary punishment”.

To establish the root of the matter, TheCable Lifestyle spoke to a student who narrated the events that led up to the incident.

“Covenant University holds a youth alive program yearly. It starts on Holy Thursday and ends on Easter Monday”, the student said.


“That Monday morning, we usually go to Faith Tabernacle. During papa’s[David Oyedepo] preaching, he realised that some students didn’t have their bibles and he told us to come out and tell God to forgive us.”

The student claimed that the incident “embarrassed” the school’s management who decided to punish them by bringing up new rules.

“So the next Tuesday which is chapel service for 300-500 level students, management was upset that we embarrassed them on live TV  because the youth alive program is aired online,” the student said.


After the service ended, “the dean of student affairs told us to wait behind and the closed all doors surrounding the chapel” allegedly to check if the students adhered to the dress code.

“So they opened one door in the chapel and told all of us to pass one by one out of the chapel. So each student passed and guys that had bushy haircut were asked to wait behind.

“They cut part of their hair. It was actually bad. They just called the barbers in school to come and cut a portion of their hair.”

An alumnus of the university told TheCable Lifestyle that there is no rule in the university’s handbook concerning male grooming.


“There’s actually no specific rule regarding hair for boys in the handbook, but since they’re the bosses, they do what they please, unchallenged,” the Covenant University alumnus said.

“It’s a dictatorship on those streets and you either align or get ready to be slammed.”

TheCable Lifestyle received no response when it reached out to the university’s management for its position on the incident.


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