Ezeiruaku Ifenyinwa Fidelia, a serving member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), says she was allegedly assaulted by Chika Anele, a Nigerian soldier, over an argument on small chops.


Fidelia has been in the public eye in the past week after a video of the female soldier pouring what appeared to be dirty water on her surfaced online and went viral.

The corps member, who was serving at the 13 brigade headquarters in Calabar, could be seen in the viral video on her knees while dressed in her full NYSC uniform.

The incident had provoked a wave of backlashes on social media platforms, with many Nigerian users demanding justice for Fidelia.


Amid the widespread criticism, the army had in a statement assured that the soldier will be sanctioned in line with the extant provisions of the Armed Forces Act.

But speaking in a recent chat, Fidelia said the incident began after she was called to work as an usher during one event organised by the 13 Brigade headquarters in Calabar.

She said a senior officer, who happens to be a man, had demanded another plate of the small chops after he mistakenly poured what was given to him on the floor.


The corps member added that when she returned to ask for another plate from Anele, who was in charge of the small chops, the soldier allegedly hurled abusive words at her.

She also claimed that after the event, the officer continued raining abusive words at her while describing her as “a low-life”.

This thing started the day we went to Eburutu for a drilling competition organised by the Commander of the Brigade,” she said.

“I was among those ushering people in. So when we got there in the morning, I saw one of my captain friends. He used to be my friend because we play ‘Ayo’ game together and I always beat him.


“So when I saw him, I tapped him and said ‘ah, you are even here before the ushers.’ So we laughed.

“Only for Lt. Anele to shout at me that I shouldn’t touch an officer in uniform. So after scolding me, I went back to my position and I was standing there.

“Another officer came and he was offering me a handshake. I told him that they said we should not shake an officer in uniform.

“All of a sudden, they started sharing small chops. That Anele lady was in charge of the small chops. So, I shared it with the invited guests and some officers.


“One Major called my attention and said that he mistakenly poured his chops on the floor and that I should change it for him.

“I told him that the chops are finished and that the ones he’s seeing are for the umpires. But he insisted.

“Not knowing what to do, I went back to the Anele lady to explain to her that this major is insisting that I change the small chops for him.

“So, she started insulting me that I’m senseless. That was I not there when she told me that the reserved one is for the umpires? Before then, she had given me a plate of chops, that whenever we are hungry, we should eat. She now ordered me to go and change that one and bring it.


“She said I don’t have sense. I quickly went and changed it for him. So after the event, she called me and started insulting me all over again.

“Angrily, I went to the other side of the barracks where I met an officer. The officer saw that I was looking forlorn. So he asked me what was happening.

“So I explained to him that the way some officers are talking to the corpers here, I don’t like it.” 

The corps member said the trouble took another dimension on July 28 after the female soldier summoned the corps members over the “small chops” incident.

Fidelia said Anele thereafter ordered her to change into her NYSC uniform after which she asked some corps members to fetch water and sand with which she used to bathe her as captured in the viral video.

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