People who drink two cups of coffee each day are at lower risk of developing the most common type of liver cancer, according to a new research.


The study found that people who regularly drank coffee had less chance of developing hepatocellular cancer.

Researchers at the Universities of Southampton and Edinburgh reviewed data from 26 studies involving more than 2.2 million people.

The research was carried out among those who were existing coffee drinkers and those who didn’t usually drink it.


Those who drank one cup of coffee each day were found to have a 20% lower risk of developing hepatocellular cancer while two cups reduced the risk by 35%.

Drinking up to 5 cups may halve the risk, the researchers said.

Commenting on the research in a statement, Andrew Langford from the British Liver Trust explained the aim of the study.


“This new study adds to this growing body of evidence and shows that drinking coffee can reduce your risk of developing liver cancer,” he said.

“However, by the time most people have the signs and symptoms of liver damage, it is often too late. It’s therefore really important to reduce your risks of developing liver cancer and liver disease, not just by drinking coffee, but by reducing the amount of alcohol you drink, keeping to a healthy weight by exercising and eating well, and by avoiding the risks for viral hepatitis.”

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