Climate change is one of the biggest concerns for the modern world as changes in the climate have caused destruction to natural habitats and even the extinction of animals.


Estimates register that over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed by pollution every year. And one of the greatest causes of pollution is plastics.

Unfortunately, the modern world is responsible for millions of tonnes of plastic waste and this number might be increasing.

Drinks, disposable cutlery, disposable utensils, and many more are all made from plastics and so culturally speaking, we are used to consuming plastics.


It would therefore seem impossible that one can successfully live through the modern world without consuming plastic.

In this article, we suggest a few habits which can help curb the use of plastic;

Always Use A Reusable Water Bottle


We drink water every day and if we stop to count the number of plastic water bottles we make use of weekly, monthly, and annually, it would be a lot.

Source: iv8

This means that we are also responsible for plastic-caused pollution as we contribute to the number of plastics exposed to natural habitats of animals such as seas, rivers, and streams. This habit exposes sea animals to the harm of ingesting these plastics which are wrong for their health.

By being conscious to make use of reusable water bottles at all times, we can also contribute to the decrease in the presence of plastics.

Always Use Reusable Food Containers


Just like with water, food is consumed daily. And at least up to 50 percent of the population eat out. Unfortunately, a good number of restaurants, and eateries, serve their meals in plastic containers.

This means that both customers and foodservice owners contribute to pollution which consequently kills animals.

Substitute Plastic Straws And Cups For Reusable Ones

If you find yourself drinking out of plastic cups or sipping a drink through a plastic straw, you may want to change this habit.

Source: The New York Times

Thankfully, there are few brands manufacturing reusable straws and cups. Get one of these and keep them handy for when you need to sip on your favourite smoothie or drink.

Make Glass Jars And Reusable Containers Your Friends

Instead of the plastic containers stored around your home for storing things, make use of glass containers, jars, and any other type of reusable container for storing food items.

Source: Create and Barrel Canada

Also around your home, do a sweep to get rid of any found plastic container no matter what their function might be.


Carry Your Own Shopping Bag

There’s probably no one you know who doesn’t have a place in their home stacked with plastic bags from grocery stores, the local market etc.

To eliminate your usage of plastic, carry your own reusable bag whenever you go shopping. This habit alone will save you from coming in contact with thousands of plastic bags in circulation.

Source: Treehugger

Although eco-friendly habits have been in practice for a while now, it’s never too late to join in the community of individuals concerned by the environment that they go a step further to eliminate a major cause of pollution.

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