Precious Chikwendu, estranged wife of Femi Fani-Kayode, has recounted how the ex-minister for aviation “habitually beat” her up while she was pregnant with their first child.


Ever since the duo’s marriage hit the rock in late 2020 over Chikwendu’s domestic violence claims and Fani-Kayode’s counter-allegations of infidelity, the separated partners have been in the tussle for the custody of their children.

Chikwendu, who earlier filed an affidavit-backed statement of claim in court, detailed her allegations against the ex-minister in a statement seen by TheCable Lifestyle on Friday. She also countered Fani-Kayode’s accusations.

The mother of four claimed the ex-minister constantly beat her during her first pregnancy while describing her “then unborn babies as cockroaches”.


She also alleged that she had been cuffed, stripped, and sedated on the directive of Fani-Kayode on one occasion.

“While I was pregnant with the first child, FFK was habitually beating and mostly punching my stomach. Anytime he was angry, describing my unborn babies as cockroaches or ‘a thing’ that he will knock off my belly,” she said.

“In one of these attacks and kicking on my tummy, my late mom and my sister visited, and they threw themselves in between us to stop him from further attacks. In his anger, he hit my mum in the head.


“FFK ended up accusing my sister of assault and got her detained at a police station for coming in-between his punches and me. Whenever I resist his humiliation and beating, he will deploy his bodyguards to wrestle me down.

“In most cases, he called CSP Aisha Yusufu, the then DPO of Asokoro Police Station who would come with her team to harass, handcuff, arrest or lock me behind the counter for hours until Femi was satisfied I have been punished.

“My siblings were locked up countless times. He would boast of his connections to the government. During one of his domestic abuse with the DP Aisha and her team from Asokoro police station, FFK instructed that they handcuff and strip me Naked.

“It was done in the presence of his domestic staff, bodyguards and attached VIP police officers. They injected me with a strange substance, and I lost consciousness. I woke up in a facility, which they later told me is a hospital.”


Chikwendu also denied having an affair with any married man, while also countering that it was the ex-minister who brought strange women.

Describing Fani-Kayode as “overly controlling”, she claimed that he always had four police officers and three bodyguards follow her around.

“I’m very afraid for my life. He keeps threatening me. I petitioned the police but nothing has been done yet. After two heartbreaks, I made one wrong decision, believing that an older man will love and make me happy,” she added.

“All I did was love FFK, fight for him and gave him sons he never had. I did everything for him. I was his barber, editor, nurse (before and after he had his presumed COVID-19), chef, image-maker, and stylist without limit.


“Physical and verbal abuse was what I got for all these sacrifices. Lies, all sorts of inhumane treatment, and now attempting to keep my tender age children away from their mother.”

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