Burna Boy, Nigerian singer, and Shatta Wale, his Ghanaian counterpart, have resumed their ongoing war of words on social media.


Wale has been in the news since he dissed Nigerian artistes whom he said failed to reciprocate the support they got from Ghana.

Burna Boy had earlier condemned Wale’s rants while adding that he is open to one-on-one fight with him.

But on Saturday, the Ghanaian singer fired back at the ‘African Giant’ crooner. He also dared him to a freestyle battle at the Accra Sports Stadium.


“Oh @burnaboy says he want a one-on-one ..ok let’s do this Accra sports stadium… I just call shots…If you be man !!!! Don’t come sing your song let’s do freestyle !!! Ghana – Nigeria … Am f**ken ready for this,” he wrote via his Twitter page.

He called on the Nigerian singer to shelve his talk about physical fight and allow the pair to flex their lyrical prowess.

“I double dare you @burnaboy, Infact I 10x dare you ….This no be fight just lyrical … Like you go stop sing !!!! #lyricalchampion,” he added.


“Don’t let anyone tell you I want to use you for hype because you no money hasn’t been a problem from day one (when) I met you! Don’t forget yourself so soon!”

In his response, Burna Boy insisted on engaging him in a fist like “real men do.”

The Nigerian singer said he had been trying to set up the clash with Wale since January last year.

He also threatened to make “life a living hell” for Wale whenever he travels out of Ghana — if he fails to accept his challenge.


“This guy thinks I have time. @Shattawalenima, this ain’t 8mile! No be rap battle. It’s a fist battle. The type real men do. We can do it anywhere you want. Behind closed doors or in stadium for the world to see,” he wrote in a now-deleted post via his Instagram Story.

“Stop acting like you don’t know I have been trying to set this up since January last year. Consider this an easy way out for you because I could easily make your life a living hell anywhere you go outside Ghana. You know I got more money than all your godfathers combined.”

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