Olawale ‘Brymo’ Ashimi, a former Chocolate City signee, says the third studio album of his ex-label mate, Jesse Jagz, is the greatest rap record in Nigeria.


In an exclusive chat with TheCable Lifestyle, the singer opened up about his relationship with Jesse, whom he hasn’t seen in over a year despite being on good terms.

“I haven’t seen Jesse in almost a year. A whole year,” said Brymo.

He continued: “Jesse was one of those people who I met… You know, for everybody there are always landmarks. Like a house has pillars.


From rooming together for extended periods of time to sharing a creative spark to produce quality music, their bond is unquestionable.

“So we have actually shared quite a lot in common and at the time I was recording Merchants, Dealers and Slaves, we’re actually living together and he was recording his Royal Niger Company album so if you go back and listen to that album you will understand the actual connection.

“You can never compare any rap album to that album. I don’t think it’s possible to compare any rap album made to that,” Brymo told TheCable Lifestyle.


Jesse Abaga, popularly know as Jesse Jagz, played a significant role in Brymo’s formation, the singer said.

“So in the house that I’m building Jesse happens to be one of those pillars.

“At some point in my career, I met him and then he played a certain role. I think Jesse told me, ‘when you sing in Yoruba it’s really nice. Why don’t you do it more?’

“You see, it doesn’t sound like much right? But I took that advice and it worked.


Without a doubt Jesse and Brymo have great chemistry when it comes to music, which begs the question, ‘will they work together again after not seeing each other in over a year?’

He said: “The way music goes for us artists, it is about direction. One day you might wake up and realise ‘oh this song, nobody can do better on it than Jesse’ and then you have to call Jesse up.

“And also you don’t want to overplay your friendship. You don’t want to call your guy every time and say ‘come and sing’.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re friends. So doing something together is something that will eventually happen but currently, there’s no plan.”


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