A new book on Donald Trump, US president, written by Mary, his niece, has sold nearly a million copies on its first day of publication.


The book is titled: ‘Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.’

According to the Guardian UK, the book, which was published on Tuesday, sold a record 950,000 copies, including pre-sales, e-books and audio books at the end of its first day.

It has also maintained its impressive run since then topping Amazon’s bestseller charts in the US, Canada and Australia respectively.


In the book, Mary, a psychologist and daughter of Fred Jr, Trump’s older brother, critically assessed the US president’s personality and the factors that shaped his growing up.

She also revealed how Trump’s childhood was influenced by his “high-functioning sociopath” father and how such character was evidenced in his leadership style.

She had followed up the book release with several interviews where she made scathing remarks about the US president.


During a chat with the Washington Post on Wednesday, Mary christened the president as “clearly racist”, a development she attributed to her wider family’s “knee-jerk anti-Semitism, a knee-jerk racism”.

On Thursday, Simon & Schuster, its publisher, said Robert, Trump’s younger brother, had pleaded with a court to block the book release but to no avail.

The book release also comes few months to the US presidential election where Trump is seeking re-election.


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