Good movies are therapeutic and have a way of helping you get over the usual stress that comes with the day’s stress. But with several movies being churned out, selecting the best ones could sometimes be a herculean task.


You need not worry, however, if you’re already subscribed to Netflix. Here are some movies and documentaries you should consider to spice up your weekend.

Ready? Then it’s time to get comfy on the couch or bed for an amazing experience.



‘Lupin’: If you’re a fan of action movies, then this will be worth your time. ‘Lupin’ is a crime movie set in France for lovers of heist and security.

‘Bridgerton’: A play on the 19th-century dating scene, romance and love, this is another movie you should consider.


‘The Queen’s Gambit’: A 2020 movie adaptation of Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel, the project revolves around Anya Taylor-Joy–the youngest chess player to beat the world’s best players.

‘Criminal’: A movie of duty-channeling police procedures in solving criminal cases. You should also give this a shot.


‘The Haunting of Hill House’: Based on Shirley Jackson’s novel of the same name, the movie examines issues affecting a broken home.

‘Black Mirror’: If you love technology and its impact on real life, then this is for you.


‘The Crown’: This movie will improve your knowledge of the British monarchical system and culture.

‘Unbelievable’: Seeing, they say, is believing. If you want to know the effect of rape on victims, then this is a good selection for you.


‘The Sinner’: When the real offender does not look like it and goes on to set up someone else takes the fall for the offence.

‘Bodyguard’: It’s an expert tension-building balancing act that you should also check out.

‘House of Cards’: The movie explores the intricacies of power and politics as a game that only one winner must emerge.

‘Orange is the New Black’: Talking tough issues while employing raw, wild, and hilarious acts to drive home the point.

‘When They See Us’: This movie examines the injustice of systemic racism in society.

‘Chef’s Table’: This is for food lovers who crave unique culinary skills.

‘The Last Dance”: You don’t have to be a sports lover to get the most out of this pulsating drama.

’13 Reasons Why’: A high school drama that delves through the fragile mind of young adults and issues they battle with at the adolescent stage.

‘Dear White People’: This provocative movie delivers a timely look at modern race relations through the eyes of people of different backgrounds.

‘The Kominsky Method’: This comedy won’t struggle to crack you up.


In addition to the above movies, you should also lookout for the following documentaries.

‘Icarus’, ‘American Factory’, ‘Knock Down the House’, ‘The Staircase’, ‘Wild Wild Country’, ‘Five Came Back’, ‘The Keepers’, ’13th’, ‘Athlete A’, ‘Who Killed Little Gregory’, ‘Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened’, ‘Amanda Knox’, ‘The Great Hack’ and ‘What Happened Miss Simone?’

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