You think your body odour is genetic? Don’t be ridiculous — go and have a good shower and use the right anti-perspirants and deodorants.


Olanrewaju Falodun, a consultant dermatologist at the National Hospital, Abuja, says it is not true that some people are born with body odour.

Body odour is caused by breaking down of bacteria in sweat.

He told NAN: “There are two types of sweat glands in the body. These are the eccrine gland which is found all over the body and the apocrine gland which is found primarily in the ancillary (armpit) and genital areas.


“The two sweat glands are usually connected to hair follicles and much of the thing we call body odour is as a result of the apocrine gland.

“The glands do not mature or start functioning until when a person reaches the age of puberty, and that is why the real issues about odour are more pronounced after puberty.”

Falodun said obesity also triggers body odour as sweat could be trapped between the folds of their skin.


Body odour can be prevented, he said, if people diligently maintain cleanliness of their bodies and make the use of anti-perspirants and deodorants a routine.

“Deodorants work by masking the smell of sweat with fragrance, while anti-perspirants reduce the amount of sweat the body produces,” he said.

The dermatologist also said that it was essential to wash clothes thoroughly; particularly clothing that comes into contact with sweaty areas such as socks, underwear and shirts.

“Wash the body with soap daily, particularly the armpits, groin and feet, where there are many sweat-producing glands.


“Washing removes sweat and reduces the number of bacteria which act upon them,” Falodun said.

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