The success of Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ has set a precedent for what African-focused films can achieve in the world.


Jane Maduegbuna, executive director of Afrinolly, a creative hub in Nigeria, is of the opinion that despite the challenges filmmakers face, Nigeria will soon begin to churn out movies like ‘Black Panther’.

Maduegbuna chalked up the limitations filmmakers face to lack of finances to make world-class films.

“It will always be about the money for us here because we don’t have enough cinemas, we don’t have enough outlets, it’s always going to be how you get great content for less money and then get it out to as many people as you can,” she said in an interview with CNN.


Maduegbuna said the future of Nigerian cinema lies in the hands of the youth because the older generation is set in its ways.

“I met a lot of people talking about improving production quality, bringing in great equipment, training younger people because older people are somewhat set in their ways, but the younger people are very hungry for success,” she said.

“I think Nigerians are steadily upping their games and not too distant from now we are going to see maybe not a Black Panther but something very close to a Black Panther.”


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