After spending ten weeks locked up in a house with the same people, tempers are bound to flare at some point.


A heated verbal exchange played out on Friday between Bisola and Debie-Rise, two of the six remaining housemates in the Big Brother Naija reality show.

The fight broke out after Bisola challenged Debie-Rise for changing the rules midway into a game the housemates were playing.

“Does Biggie change rules?” she asked as she spewed out a barrage of words to press home her point.


Debie-Rise, who appears to have become more vociferous since Bassey got evicted, responded in like manner.

The following exchange ensued.

Debbie-Rise: You are talking too much.


Bisola: Then close your f*****g ears. Be deaf. Why are you telling me to keep to keep shut?

Debie-Rise: You are not making sense.

Bisola: You are the one that’s not making sense.

Debie-Rise: Is it because I’m quiet?


Bisola: Are you high? You, you are quiet?

Debie-Rise: See this one talking like a mad man.

Bisola: You are the one that’s a lunatic.

Debie-Rise told Bisola to stop using profanities to convey her points and she replied with even more profane words and added that: “you can go die if you want to”.


Debie-Rise: How will I go and die? I know how you are. I understand.

Bisola: Thank you. At least you know how I am. I am not a f*****g pretender.

Debie-Rise: The problem you have with me has nothing to do with this game. If you have a problem with me, say it.

Bisola: Wetin concern me with you?


At this point, Efe informed the warring housemates that the games were set to commence.

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