Bimbo Manuel, the Nollywood actor, has recounted how he became paralysed due to a doctor’s wrong medication.


The actor reflected on his love life, career and other personal issues in the latest edition of #WithChude podcast.

Manuel said the incident occurred after he had a car crash some years ago.

The film star revealed he had visited a general hospital at Lagos Island after he started feeling pain days after the accident.


He said after multiple x-rays were conducted on him, a doctor at the orthopaedic section of the hospital placed him on treatment for rheumatism and arthritis.

This, he said, worsened his condition as he could not work again for a period of time.

Manuel said during his health battle, some doctors advised him to get a wheelchair but he refused to take such advice.


“I’ve been told three times to go and get a wheelchair and that was by experts, people who should know. They told me, Mr Manuel, do you know anyone abroad? Maybe they can get you the electric type so you’ll be able to use it myself but I said no,” he said.

“It was an auto accident inside the town, and it travelled through my entire spine. I didn’t know, I walked away from it. I didn’t feel any pain. A little down the line, however, I now started to feel pain.

“So, I went to a general hospital at Lagos Island…I still remember the man’s name clearly, he works at the orthopaedic section.

“I was in my late twenties, early thirties and a doctor put me on treatment for rheumatism and arthritis until I couldn’t walk anymore. I lost all sensation on my right side, and I was frustrated. I just couldn’t go anywhere, the slightest movement would make me scream.”


The actor said he was later taken to the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital in Ile-Ife for treatment.

He added that after a few months at the hospital, he was able to work again.

“So, they took me to Ife teaching hospital, the university teaching hospital, put me in traction, and in a couple of months, I was out on my feet. Apparently, the other did not know what he was doing and he was confident about it,” he added.


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