Belts come in all kinds of colours, shapes, and types which makes choosing the appropriate one to pair with your outfit a daunting task sometimes.


For this reason, I’ve put together the four belts every guy should have in his closet.



The black dress belt

This is the most formal belt you can wear, most suitable for your corporate looks such as your suits and other business looks, but you should avoid wearing them when dressing in a tuxedo. I’ll always go for the slim and simple silver square framed buckle with single prong. The ideal width size you should go for should be 1 ¼ inches or 3.4cm.



The brown dress belt

Every classy gentleman must have at least a brown shoe in his closet. And since a gentleman also doesn’t break style rules, he understands the importance of matching his brown dress shoes with a brown dress belt. Again, for the brown dress belt, you should go for something slim, simple and classic.


The casual belt for jeans


For casual wears you should choose slightly wider but thick belts – 1 ½ inches or 3.9cm in width and which is cut from a thick, rugged and genuine leather. You can get them in black or brown, but brown is generally considered more casual.

Have you ever seen a guy wearing a slim dress belt with khaki shorts and jeans before? It looks ridiculous, right?  Let me guess…

Let me guess… Before reading this, you just couldn’t explain why it doesn’t look so great when paired together. Ah ha! Now you know. You are welcome.



The summer fabric belt

Have you wondered what type of belt is appropriate when going to the beach or pool party? Probably not…and that’s because you would rather wear the same brown or black dress belt you wear to work than give it a thought.

Anyways, summertime represents freshness and during this season, the weather is warm, the scents are refreshing, the dress codes lighten up – your belt should also be light. You should go for either the canvas type or braided belt type.

This belt can also be paired with the right T-shirt and chinos combination for a fresh classic weekend look.


Final thoughts

Belts are not just for holding up your pants, they can be used to make a style statement. Having read this guide I strongly believe you won’t have trouble choosing the right type of belt to pair with your outfit.

Make sure you only go for good quality belts that will last longer and will look nice when you put it on.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Until next time, continue to do well, live well and dress really well.

Stay classy, always.

Kobi O. Mbagwu (Mr. Kobi) is a professional image consultant, menswear blogger & entrepreneur. He is the founder of, a men’s fashion & lifestyle blog.

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