Social media has become an integral part of our daily life. Aside from its economic purpose, it is the go-to place for many youths to relax and a hub of opinions for all and sundry.


In recent weeks, social media has been agog with several trends bordering on issues of the moment.

TheCable Lifestyle examines some of the trends that dominated talks.

1. Lori iro 


You must have stumbled on that phrase if you’re an avid social media user.

Lori iro, a Yoruba phrase that loosely means ‘based on falsehood’ in English, became a street anthem after the video of Gbadamosi Ismail, an Ibadan-based evangelist, went viral.

Ismail’s message was aimed at sensitising people against falling prey to deceptive words and phrases used in relationships.


But given its timing, which was during this year’s Valentine’s Day period, the video became a sensation.  It soon sparked heated discussions about deception in relationships as well as the government’s failed promises.

2. #BeLikeNgoziChallenge

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s story is one laced with inspiration here and there. The former minister of finance took her success story to another level recently when she was appointed as the director-general of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

The feat resonated hope among many, and in celebrating her, social media went into a frenzy with the #BeLikeNgoziChallenge trend.


Temie Giwa-Tubosun, CEO of Lifebank, had started the challenge with a video of herself dressed in traditional gear in the likeness of the ex-finance minister.

Several people including Catriona Laing, British high commissioner to Nigeria, joined the trend by sharing pictures and video clips of themselves dressed in NOI’s signature head tie, ankara, and glasses.

3. Buss It Challenge

The ‘Buss It Challenge’ started on TikTok but subsequently took other social media platforms by storm.


The challenge starts with the participants appearing in their day-to-day garb as Nelly’s ‘Hot in Here’ plays. Once the beat drops, he/she says, “I think my butt is getting big”, which signals a transition.

As soon as ‘Buss It’ by Erica Banks starts to play, the participants re-emerge all dressed up, showing off their outfits as well as their twerking skills.

The ‘Buss It Challenge’ promoted body positivity as it inspired several people to flaunt their shapes and sizes.

4. Silhouette Challenge


The Silhouette Challenge is yet another trend that resonated with many social media users. Using the hashtag #silhouettechallenge, the trend involves posing nude in a doorway against a red background.

The challenge starts with ‘Put Your Head on my Shoulder’ by Paul Anka and changes into ‘Streets’ by Doja Cat.

The trend would later spark outrage after reports emerged that the videos can be edited to reveal the nude bodies of the participants.

5. Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN)

This was another social media trend that dominated discussions for days. The movement, initiated by a section of social media users, is aimed at banter while also aiming a thinly-veiled dig at ladies who ask men for money.

The association had several Nigerian celebrities including Don Jazzy and DJ Neptune as members.

Shortly after the association went viral, the women came up with Stingy Women Association of Nigeria (SWAN).

For proponents of SWAN, if men won’t give women money, then their members should also not give in to the sexual demands of the male folks.

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