Fan-favourite romantics, Nina and Miracle, are currently grappling with a lovers’ quarrel.


In the past, the pair has had a number of couple’s fight but had always been able to iron out their differences until the incident of Thursday.

Miracle accused Nina of easily getting angry, and the latter defended herself by saying her anger is not without reason. She said Miracle does not apologise when he’s in the wrong on any matter.

She also accused him of raising his voice at her and that he appears to have an ‘I don’t know how to apologise’ default setting.


While the back and forth ensued, Anto, Miracle’s new strategic partner, stepped in to mediate between the lovebirds.

After hearing what the quarrel was about, she jumped to Miracle’s defence by saying Nina shouldn’t always be angry.

The couple went to bed but Nina couldn’t shake off the fact that Miracle slept off without apologising.


She continually pestered him in sleep, but he never gave in. Eventually, Nina went to sleep without getting what she wanted from him.

Nina and Miracle are the latest Big Brother Naija contestants to hit a rough patch. The seemingly inseparable Tobi and Cee-C have in recent days been unable to see eye to eye.

Eight housemates are currently up for eviction this week. They are Lifu, Ceelo, Tolex, and Mito.


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