Not long after Isilomo and Avala got the boot during last Sunday’s eviction session, Tacha; Frodd; Ella; Kimoprah and Sir Dee have similarly been nominated for the next eviction.


Frodd, however, having earlier won the veto power card, exercised his power to save himself and fill his eviction slot with another housemate of his choice. With this, the investment adviser placed Mercy up for possible eviction alongside the four others.

Each of the Nineteen remaining housemates was made to exercise their voting rights and the four with the highest number of votes were selected, an unspecified number of which are expected to be evicted.

Of 19, Ella and Tacha topped the voting session with eight nominations each while Frodd had 5, and Sir Dee alongside Kimoprah emerged with 4 each.


The eviction session is one of the show’s well-anticipated moments where viewers are oblivious of the next housemate to be kicked out of the house while housemates are left tensed and wary of unfolding events.

Meanwhile, Thelma got into a heated argument with Esther during the housemates’ convergence to come up with a perfect plan for drama. It took the help of their colleagues to douse the tension that had disrupted their preoccupation.

“Correct me like a human being,” Thelma had fired at Esther after the latter confronted her over the use of obscene words. Tuoyo had attempted to help the duo get along. But it was to no avail as the verbal exchange continued.


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